What will you find?

At ComparaSoftware we take care of ordering software information so that your search is faster and safer.

Software Sheets

We have more than 5000 software listed on our platform.

Category Sheets

We have more than 180 software categories so you can learn more about each type of software

Comparison tables

On the same screen, you can compare up to 4 different software.

Online quotes

Through our forms, you can quote different solutions in less than 5 minutes.

Why is ComparaSoftware free?

ComparaSoftware is free for users because software companies pay us for each contact we send to their website.

How will you contact me if I want to quote?

This will depend on the categories. In some we will only take the requirements and put you in direct contact with the suppliers.

Are the reviews on ComparaSoftware real?

Yes! We have a team that analyzes reviews individually to ensure that they are of interest to our users.

Do software pay to be listed?

No! Registering in ComparaSoftware is free, so here you can find all the software on the market.