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The ActivityTracker app keeps track of your activity all the time without the need to use a device to exercise and without depleting your phone's battery (no GPS).

This system has a motion processor available on all new smartphones and smart watches. With ActivityTracker, keep track of your steps, distance, daily active calorie burning, active time and steps up with just carrying your phone.

Research on the subject has shown that only by being more active can you be healthier, that is, you do not need a gladiator routine, you only need to increase daily activity. ActivityTracker automatically quantifies the activity it develops, motivating it to be more active.

Key Features of ActivityTracker:

  • Track your steps, as well as burning active calories, distance and active time.
  • Track your activity throughout the day without running out of battery (no GPS) or using an exercise device.
  • Since no day is like the other, we prefer a weekly goal, but we will also show you a daily goal based on your goal.
  • View your activity hourly for the current day (Pro version).
  • View your daily, weekly and monthly activity.
  • Apple Watch companion app for statistics at a glance.
  • Today's extension that shows all the important data at a glance.
  • App badge showing the steps taken directly on the app icon.

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What do you think about ActivityTracker?

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