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Affiliate Tracking Software: What is it about?

It's used to track reference, endorsement, or recommendation made by a person or company to purchase products or services from another person or company.

Tracking is necessary to manage and reward or compensate participants in an affiliate marketing group or affiliate networks. The original concept comes from affinity marketing.

Participants who agree to be promoted or promoted are referred to as "affiliates “. Those who promote and recommend are called “marketers” and those who have the products or services that are promoted are called “advertisers”. The software is the enabler to accredit referents based on the performance of clicks, confirmation of page visits and impressions of advertising material (banners, links, etc.) of “marketers”, while confirming purchases and transactions of monetary values of “advertisers”. Several online businesses create affiliate networks to manage affiliates that promote their products and services. Affiliated platforms are companies that broker and manage both sellers and advertisers, who operate as intermediaries. The core of affiliate marketing software is to track the various aspects of a given action, which are commonly classified into five types: CPC (cost per click) CPA (cost per acquisition) CPM (cost per print) CPS (cost per sale) CPI (cost per installation) CPL (cost per lead) CPV (cost per visitor) CPO (cost per order) Tracking refers to user-client IP detection, browser detection, seller affiliate referral, and the entire advertiser transaction.

The main feature of affiliate marketing software is data consolidation to provide a dashboard for sellers and advertisers so that all activity can be tracked and verified consistently, demonstrating transaction value, transaction fees, traffic origins and destinations, geography and balance of payments. Although affinity marketing refers to marketing for people who share the same interests, derived affiliate networks are closely related to sales channels and sales campaigns that pay sales commissions, which is why robust and reliable software is required to prevent fraud and provide security and privacy for parties involved in transactions.