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With Agenti all communication and business customer service needs will be met.

Benefits provided by Agenti:

Agenti optimizes customer service costs:

  • Agenti® does not replace the Call-Center, it makes it more efficient.
  • Increase the productivity of your customer service staff.
  • Personalized attention to multiple users at the same time.
  • Personalized attention to multiple users simultaneously and using minimal resources.

Optimize customer service:

  • Availability 24 Hours a day, 365 days, from anywhere in the world connected to the internet.
  • Agenti provides a real-time response (instantaneous).
  • It allows to handle peak concurrency while still serving any customer.

Stores information and converts it into statistics:

  • Gather conversations with customers to identify their needs and trends.
  • Tailored knowledge base growth interacts with citizens.
  • Reports to evaluate factors such as: performance, system use and customer satisfaction among others.

Integrates easily or other systems:

  • Agenti can consult external data sources to handle information online accurately and reliably.
  • Agenti provides a real-time response (instantaneous).
  • Integration through secure HTTPS protocol and interchange languages such as XML, JSON, etc.

Main features of the platform:

  • Collaborative Knowledge Management Platform that contributes to the storage of data, statistics and trends in interaction with customers, which is collaborative for the creation and maintenance of the knowledge base.
  • Integration with Livechat and Support Tickets Scaling up to human advisors both online and offline for a more balanced distribution of tasks and responsibilities, which represents freedom of focus and scope of objectives.
  • Proactivity Thanks to its AI, the program has the ability to take the lead in conversation.
  • Speech Recognition and Synthesis Ability to generate emotional empathy with customers, listen to questions and read answers.

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What do you think about Agenti Chatbot?

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