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Agility Multichannel PIM Software is an enterprise product information and digital asset management solution implemented from the Microsoft Azure cloud, which also provides retailers, global brands, distributors and manufacturers with a Content Hub for Commerce, helping them integrate data from multiple sources and allowing all interested parties to create, enrich and collaborate on more attractive product data for distribution to any digital or offline channel.

Features and Benefits of Agility Multichannel PIM:

  • It is an easy-to-use but highly sophisticated product information management (PIM) solution that puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of an on-the-go trading strategy.
  • It is the only major PIM provider focused on full integration of Product Management, Experience Management, and Commerce.
  • It serves customers directly and through integration partners and resellers around the world.
  • INTEGRATE: Agility DI's full range of features is highly sophisticated and exquisitely simple, capable of not only efficiently moving and entering unlimited volumes of data, but also ensuring that everything, regardless of source, is perfectly consistent, accurate and ready for analysis.
  • OPTIMIZE: With the easy-to-use features of Agility Product Information Management (PIM) software, end users can easily maximize the value of their data and preview each channel, ensuring they're not just taking full advantage of Agility. They're putting more into it, too.
  • UNION: Agility automates simultaneous publishing of rich product content across any number of downstream channels, each with its own rules and restrictions. It's an intrinsically complex process that we've made surprisingly simple with Agility Syndication.

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What do you think about Agility Multichannel PIM?

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