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Antivirus and antimalwares... Do both terms refer to the same thing? Firstly, it should be clarified that although viruses and malwares tend to be regarded as synonyms, they are not synonymous. These are two different types of programs. They cause various damage to the systems of the devices. A virus can be defined as a program with the ability to replicate. Its main function is to get into a device for the purpose of causing damage to your operating system. Certainly, malwares are viruses, but this denomination also covers other malicious software, among which are the famous Trojans and so-called worms. These are harmful programs that, in addition to stealing sensitive information found on computers, take control of some of their functions.

Antivirus and antimalwares - are they the same? What are they for?

Fortunately, just as it is possible to find antivirus and antimalwares separately, you can purchase a security suite. They are computer products capable of handling viruses and malware at the same time, as well as performing additional functions such as detecting aspects related to computer memory performance and updating programs.