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Axium is a software designed for dental academic institutions. Axium is an ONC-ATCB certified HIPAA compliant system that includes electronic health records (EHR), billing applications, and also practice management applications.

This platform has been developed to address the needs of educational institutions, such as dental hygiene schools and dental organizations.

This system includes a module of orthodontics and periodontics, which has applications that can be adapted to this type of specialized practices.

Axium includes a patient portal and a teacher portal that provides class lists and information related to student procedures. Faculty members can record grades and course assessments so that they can track students' progress and progress during the program.

The Axium Practice Management app gives each user the ability to attach patient photos to charts, view appointments and referrals, and track patient communication. The transaction module connects to the patient's health record to create a ledger for your account. In turn, within this module you can make arrangements that have to do with billing and you can add various information related to the insurance provider.

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Diagnostic imaging and X-ray
Medical Billing
Appointment Management
Client Management
Patient Records Management
Claims Management
Planning treatment
Scheduling Appointments
Appointment Reminders

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