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Live chat... The term chat comes from chatter, an English word that means “conversation or chat”. However, chat refers in Spanish specifically to a type of communication that takes place over the Internet between two or more people. A chat conversation can be done in a variety of ways: text messages, video calls, or audio chat. In any case, it is made possible thanks to the connection that is taken as measured by the Network of Networks. Chat has become potential tools for communication for both personal and corporate purposes. In the case of companies, they are very functional regardless of the sector of activity. Companies, institutions and organizations alike take advantage of their advantages. And that is that they allow you to share text, videos, audio, images, files, among others, in deferred or in real time. There are different types of chats, among them: webchat or IRC type (Internet relay chat), instant messaging, multimedia,onlineeducation, chatbot, with a specific purpose (sales, thematic exchange, learning languages, finding friends or partner, with adult content, etc.), social networks (for for example, Facebook) or applications (such as WhatsApp).

Live chat software: what is it about?

However, in the corporate world organizations often use online or online chat software on their websites. This resource allows them to achieve direct interaction with their visitors, who may be customers or prospects. These live chat software make it possible for the company to respond and help your customer or audience interested in their products and services, instantly. In this way, requests, doubts, suggestions, claims and complaints are resolved, which is beneficial to both parties. As a computer tool, online chat software offers the visitor of a website an immediate communication that the phone, email or even social networks do not offer. It is a simple, comfortable and low-risk contact form for the website visitor. Beyond the general information that can be provided through a tool like this, it is important to highlight the utility it represents for marketing, sales, customer service and technical service purposes. Today, companies of different sizes can find a variety of software within this category. Free, paid license, with trial options, among others. The recommendation is always to choose the solution that best suits the requirements, characteristics and resources of the company.