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BIM Software is called by the acronym of its name in English Building Information Modeling, are systems specialized in the development of an intelligent process based on 3D models that provides architecture, engineering and construction professionals (AEC) with the information and tools to plan, design, build and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently. Features of BIM Software, how BIM can help you optimize your work and business processes: Architecture, Capture design intent efficiently and accurately in Make better design decisions, improve building performance and collaborate more effectively throughout the project lifecycle. - Automatically update floor plans, elevations, sections and 3D views. - You can use 3D visualizations to view a building before it is built. Civil, Also used in civil infrastructure design and as documentation systems. - Enables the use of intelligent, connected workflows to help improve predictability, productivity and profitability. Construction, such as construction management systems, allow to connect, organize and optimize projects - Digitize the construction site and connect project information from design to construction and delivery. Plant, allow you to manage the design and construction of intelligent pipelines, structures and processes more efficiently and collaboratively throughout the project lifecycle and immediately. Structural, BIM software is a multidisciplinary system for higher quality coordinated designs. - Explore how structural design and detail system help deliver support projects and win new businesses. Advantages and Benefits of BIM Software: Manage RFI and presentations: Improve communication and visibility of project management workflows, such as RFI and presentations, managing them on a single platform. - Because contractual procedures, communication processes and standards can vary from project to project, and become even more complicated by having multiple processes and software to manage, with a BIM software you can simplify the process through a single platform to simplify RFI management and presentations for help to fulfill contractual obligations. Digital Access: Connect teams by securely publishing and distributing all building plans, documents and models on a single platform. Whether in the office, in a trailer, or on the site, approval workflows and mobile access help keep everyone in sync throughout the project. - Facilitate the streamlining of construction document management by using a single platform to organize, distribute and share files. It is the ideal basis for successful project results. Quality Assurance: Standardize in a proactive quality assurance process and allow the entire team to participate in quality inspections from mobile devices. - With a proactive build quality control plan, you can gain visibility into all project issues and resolve them sooner. As a result, you will reduce rework and keep it on time. BIM Software is ideal for construction companies that want to carry out a project well coordinated and well executed, maintaining the highest standards in design, modeling and construction, so they are ideal for economic savings and simplification of processes in building execution.