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BindBot allows companies to build a communications channel through the Chatbot platform, this program will facilitate all kinds of online operations without any assistance, supervision or human intervention and automatically, smoothly and naturally.

Features of BindBot:

  • Continuous Support BindBot is available 24 hours a day for continuous customer service.
  • Fluid Conversations Using Artificial Intelligence, Bindbot's Chatbots understands human language allowing easy, fluid and natural interaction with its customers for loyalty through satisfaction.
  • Versatility Our Chatbots can be adapted to all kinds of industries.
  • High level of Platform Support BindBot supports Websites, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Slack, Mobile and integrate into Apps.
  • BindBot full operations mergers allows integrations with Salesforce, Vtex, Magento, own CRM and other platforms.

Chatbots platforms can be chosen from different models that have special features depending on the business sector in which it is used.

  • Informative Chatbots: Allows you to deliver static information, ideal for FAQs modules.
  • Collaborative Chatbots: It has the ability to recognize the intentions of visitors when they ask and delivers the best answer.
  • Management Operations Chatbots: Its goal is to support typical workflows at the management and request level.
  • Chatbots for transactional operations: Has the ability to create a secure context where the visitor can generate transactions, whether payment or data processing.
  • Premium Chatbots: Premium has superior cognitive components that can process images for content predictions, translate text, sound reading, data predictions based on Machine Learning models, and more.

Simplify customer service and get optimal customer service that builds customer loyalty.

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What do you think about BindBot Chatbot?
What do you think about BindBot Chatbot?

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