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BotXo is a chatbot software that automates interactions between the company and people, which is the next necessary step in the digitization process by reducing costs, boosting organizational efficiency, increasing employee happiness, customer satisfaction and loyalty for many others.

BotXo will serve every customer in a specialized way, providing excellent service to customers whenever and wherever they want. The work of BotXo allows the current customer service team to be significantly reduced so that human efforts can be focused on heavier tasks.

Boost sales by providing shopping opportunities on the channel that your users prefer. Get unmatched insights through personalized conversations with customers.

At the level of Marketing tasks, BotXo contributes significantly to reaching and attracting potential customers through individual conversations at scale and on the channel of their choice.

At the level of HR tasks BotXo contributes to creating a happy team, which in any case means better business. Improve employee onboarding and gain actionable insights by providing tools for job satisfaction and stress management through automated conversations.

The BotXo Platform can be used to create a smart chatbot, specialized in each client's business. The software is easy to use, robust and secure.

Features of BotXo:

  • Multi-Channel Start a chatbot that seamlessly interacts with people on your website, in-app, Messenger, or Zendesk.
  • Scale as you grow Start simple and add more features to cover the entire journey of the user. The software is built to scale without friction.
  • In-depth analytics Explore your data and optimize online conversation flows with your company's KPIs.
  • Multi-level user accounts Let your departments have full control over your share of your chatbot's conversation flows or assign an agency to manage for you.
  • Data protection. We support GDPR and have data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. You own your customers' data and never leave the EU.
  • Stand. Enjoy live support from chatbot experts within customer service, marketing and AI or have them train your team members.
  • Multilingual Make your robot speak in any language, including English, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish and more.

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What do you think about BotXo Chatbot?

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