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Carestream Dental is a dental solution. It is based on the cloud and offers software and solutions related to the management of practices for dental and oral health professionals. Carestream allows each user to automate tasks related to insurance claims, payment processing, and patient reminders, while providing integration with digital images.

CS Practice Works houses individual item accounting that follows payer's payments to the individual charge. ePostings manages the process of receiving and publishing refunds from insurance companies.

CS OrthoTrac prioritizes daily task lists and identifies action elements with their recommended solutions. There is a programming function that offers the ability to drag and drop and the ability to manage schedules that are in multiple locations, chairs and time slots. The smart call module is designed to identify those who call on the phone and displays their relevant charts to improve communication with the patient.

CS WinRooms offers medical and dental insurance billing with automatic cross-coding for programming and also to carry referral management. As for the digital consent form module, it includes several forms approved by OMSNIC that are automatically updated.

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Claims Management
Planning treatment
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Appointment Reminders

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