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CATALEan: The digital catalogue that brings innovation to the presentation of your company's products. Thanks to an elegant design and a fluid and dynamic consultation, your product catalog becomes an indispensable interactive tool to communicate in real time with your customers.

Create, manage and present your products in an innovative way CALEan is the digital platform that follows the growth of your business. Thanks to CATALEan, you can manage, with a single tool, all the contents of your product catalog and present them in an innovative way to customers and partners. See how CATALEan works and find out how it can improve your marketing and sales activities.

Product Load Catalean has a simple and immediate control panel that allows quick product updates and advanced management, such as: roles and permissions, filter and category management, versions, languages and much more.

Catalean integration is designed to integrate with many of the information systems already present in the company to adapt to pre-existing logics. Catalean is designed to integrate with: website, CRM, ERP, PLM/PDM, e-commerce

Multi-channel CALEan works and adapts to all digital channels. Web, tablets, smartphones, contact points are the main channels on which Catalean presents its products, adapting the design, resolution and methods of use.

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What do you think about CataLean?

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