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Web Conferencing: What does it consist of? From the first decades of the last century already developed countries combined audio and video to establish strategic communications. Mainly, they were applied at the military and governmental levels. With the advent of the Internet, videoconferencing achieved a new dimension. They were put at the service of other sectors. In recent years, this resource has been massified. Now, already anyone can count on its benefits. Specifically, in the business field, technology as a channel for communication has played a fundamental role. Above all, it has served to boost the functioning and growth of organizations. Video conferencing is part of this.

Video conferencing software: combination of image and sound that exceeds distances

Precisely, if companies are involved, the idea of using videoconferencing (online andoffline ) to overcome the barrier of geographical distance is gaining strength. In this way, it is possible to bring together both members of work teams and open the possibility to business opportunities. Computer technology offers a wide variety of video conferencing programs. Although initially they were used by large corporations for a matter of costs, today, medium and small companies, even entrepreneurs, make use of this tool. This type of software not only enjoys a certain prestige, it has earned the status of an ally when it comes to enhancing communication, information, marketing and even human resources strategies of companies, when distance is an obstacle.