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Construction Software Shopping Guide

Construction companies know that technology is a powerful ally for project management. New tools, materials and techniques have meant great advances in the construction sector. However, not everyone knows the potential of a construction software, nor have they evaluated it as an investment to optimize the organization.

In this buying guide you will learn how digital transformation can help in the effective management of the construction industry, and why construction management software is essential to compete in today's market.

What is construction software?

Construction software, also called construction ERP, is a tool that allows you to centralize all workflows and construction projects in one place. Its functions for the management of work, allow to optimize processes, automate repetitive tasks, perform monitoring and improve the efficiency of work teams.

This construction software offers a global vision of the projects to improve decision making; It allows a follow-up of the works, both on their status and those responsible or the costs and deviations. It also allows you to stay up to date with progress and modifications, thanks to automatic deadline reminders.

Why hire construction software?

According to GlobalData's report, “Global Construction Outlook to 2025, Q1 2021 Update”, the global construction industry has endured a cycle of huge losses during the pandemic. Total production in 2020-2021 came in about US$1.1 billion less than expected.

Slowly, the companies in the sector are growing again, at the end of 2021 an increase of 2.5% was perceived and the numbers are auspicious for the remainder of 2022 and 2023. However, the incorporation of technology will be essential for the market to rebound and adapt to the digital revolution.

A construction company that wants to grow and expand in this context will not be able to organize itself effectively without the help of software. Progress in the works, request and delivery of materials, management of human resources, are just some of the aspects that must be organized in detail, to be effective.

For these reasons, having specialized software that helps control all aspects of one or more works in real time is the key to gaining competitiveness and positioning after the pandemic weakened some of the most important players in the sector.

Construction Software functionalities and features

These software for the construction of works, houses and buildings have modules designed to centralize and automate activities in the management of works.

Each of these modules centralizes and integrates information from each of the company's areas, generally covering the needs of:

  • Accounting.
  • Human Resources.
  • Inventories.
  • Finance and trade.

To meet these needs, construction software has the following functions:

  • Follow-up of the work process.
  • Management and storage of contacts and agenda.
  • Automatic alerts to those involved.
  • Communication channels between the different areas of the company.
  • Automated reports to make better decisions.
  • Generation of budgets and calculation of all the resources necessary to execute a project.
  • Planning of resources and costs.
  • Management of multiple works.
  • Recording of incidents and management of invoices and payments.
  • Mobile access.
  • Management of contracts and related documents.
  • Subcontractor management.
  • Inventory management and material movements.
  • Payment and accounting of invoices.

These functions allow you to create a large database, which will allow you to obtain statistics to make better decisions.

Control during the construction process, together with greater effectiveness in the services and a reduction in costs, will mean a notable improvement in the experience of the clients and in the capital obtained.

Construction Software Pricing

The prices of this type of software vary according to the required functionalities. Some construction software proposals, for example, also offer CRM-type modules, which allow you to manage contact channels with customers.

Prices can also vary for the hosting that the construction management software will have. The vast majority offer a Saas option, where the data is hosted on the provider's servers, or in the cloud.

Other tools are On-premise, where the software is completely installed on the construction company's computers.

These features, in addition to the type of technical support and implementation, will cause the price to vary. However, the most influential price factor is the number of projects to manage.

In general, contracting a construction management software offers:

  • Basic Plan: 10 to 24 projects
  • Standard Plan: 25 to 79 projects
  • Enterprise plan: 80+ projects

*Free construction software can also be found, although these do not include the same number of features and benefits, and are often limited to a few tools.

How to choose the Software for your construction company?

Before choosing the ideal construction management solution for your company, it is necessary to define some factors:

  • What is the budget allocated for digital transformation.
  • What current needs can be solved with a construction ERP.
  • What resources and people are involved with the selection of the software.

Once the above elements are defined, it is time to learn about the market options. On our platform, in the "software list" section, you will find information on each software, with its functions and price plans.

In this selection, it is important to choose a resource management software that has been specifically designed for the construction sector, or that has functions designed for it.

Look for a tool that can be customized, and adapted to the changes and evolution of your company. In this sense, the software must be scalable and have accessible technical support in your language.

In conclusion

The construction software allows you to manage all the processes of the work, from contracting to the final delivery of works.

When selecting some software of this type, do not forget to consider the additional costs and the number of projects you want to manage.

In ComparaSoftware you will be able to find different construction software options and make comparisons with each other, to find out the software that best suits your company.