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Customer experience or CX is a multidimensional process. It's also interactive. It occurs between an individual and a brand. Specifically, the customer experience begins at the moment a person has knowledge or notion of a brand. Then this initial perception is nourished with all the elements. Receives them from the company, directly or indirectly. In this process of relating to the company, advertising comes into play. Other people's comments are also considered. We add experiences of using services or products, direct communication with the staff of the organization, among others.

Customer Experience: A Key Process in Organization Success

Why is the customer experience important? Well, when it's positive, it has a favorable impact. Especially, it has a good impact on aspects such as brand preference, sales and company image. It is also positive for the vision you have of your products and services, consumer loyalty and investment related to customer turnover. In short, the goal for every company should be to get people who approach their brands, products and services to the best possible experience, because it is clear that this has an important weight in their career to success.