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Dentrix is a software designed for dental care. It is a web-based platform that provides tools to be able to schedule, book appointments, prescribe electronically and perform continuous attention monitoring, also offer various types of graphs.

Each user can enter clinical notes and enable pop-up alerts that appear when a patient's clinical history files are accessed.

Dentrix has treatment planning tools that track patient benefits to help set appointment schedules. Users in turn have the opportunity to manage billing and accounting, insurance processing and business revenue. Reports can be run to carry out or track payments. There are several permission controls designed to restrict access for individuals or groups. Dentrix can be integrated with other applications such as Allscripts, EclinicalWorks, Epic and SuccesseHS.

The Dentrix platform provides excellent user support via live chat, email and phone. The pricing models or plans offered by Dentrix vary according to customer needs. The application package is suitable for organizations as well as large medical groups, multi-location practices, community health centers, hospitals, correctional centers and government organizations.

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Diagnostic imaging and X-ray
Medical Billing
Appointment Management
Client Management
Patient Records Management
Claims Management
Planning treatment
Scheduling Appointments
Appointment Reminders

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What do you think about Dentrix?

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