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Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to combine consumer wants and their own aims as customer demands develop. This is not beneficial for businesses or for their customers. Customers who do not receive prompt replies will not return to your organization. Furthermore, clients are increasingly demanding individualized services these days. Personalization is fast becoming the absolute minimum of customer expectations.


Aside from that, support agents are frequently bombarded with repeated questions, detracting them from answering critical inquiries. Support managers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and approaches to implement in the support department. Manual jobs and disorganized workflows simply add to the never-ending list of issues.


We solved the ticketing problem and made life simpler for support managers by developing DeskXpand.


DeskXpand is omnichannel helpdesk software designed for small to large organizations. It enables organizations to provide rapid resolutions to their consumers, streamlines assistance, and aids in the development of a customer-focused culture. It connects to your company's CRM software and allows you to handle customer care from a single interface.


Support managers may use DeskXpand helpdesk software to increase support response by using the power of knowledge bases, web-based FAQs, and other resources. As a result, ticket handling is efficient and low-cost. To make your brand more helpful and resourceful, optimize your knowledge base with SEO-friendly content.


DeskXpand also assists in the collection and analysis of customer data and analytics to obtain useful insights and assess methods for designing better customer experiences. Based on prior customer behaviors, analytics may help you anticipate the behavior of potential customers.

DeskXpand helpdesk software statistics give you a comprehensive picture of your support performance. It also gives critical information for improving client experiences. All of this with very few clicks! You can see where your support tickets are and how quickly they are progressing through their lifetime. Support agents may learn from previous ticket traffic data, evaluate trends, and prepare for what is to come.

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Asignación automática de tickets
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DX Lite

  • - Responses & Templates
  • - Notes & To-dos & Reminders
  • - Support Channels
  • - Load Balanced Ticket Assignment
  • - Agent Management
  • - Contact & Company Management
  • - Knowledgebase CMS
  • - Ticket Reports
  • - Custom email Servers
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  • - Everything in DX Lite plus
  • - Advanced Ticketing
  • - Task Management
  • - Automating Ticket Creation
  • - SLA Management
  • - Helpdesk Customizations
  • - Help Widget
  • - Live Chat
  • - Shopify Integration
  • - Data Export
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