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With Doeet controls and records all consumptions, waste, scrap, retakes, quality controls, parameter controls, ensuring the traceability of your production.

By possessing all this information Doeet® builds reports with graphs and data in which you can consult and analyze the current state of your production, and take the necessary measures for its improvement and optimization.

Features of Doeet:

  • PRODUCTIVITY CONTROLdoeet® monitors in real time all the activity of the machines and creates a record of stops, real speed, manufactured units, quality parameters and other variables involved in the production and compares them with their objective values.
  • OEE SYSTEMAn OEE system allows you to know whether productivity has been lost due to availability (the machinery was stopped for a certain time), efficiency (the machinery was operating at less than its total capacity) or quality (defective units have occurred).
  • MESSYSTEM A MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system allows you to manage all production processes in a comprehensive way in real time. The MES system directs and monitors all production processes in a much more efficient way.

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Root Cause Analysis
Trend Analysis
Quality Control
Creating Historical Reports
Work Order Management
Performance Metrics
Cost Tracking
Tracking downtime
Creating Real-Time Reports

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