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Eaglesoft software is an ONC-ATCB certified dental practice management platform for significant use. This system is ideal for practices of all sizes including a medical history, patient scheduling and billing/accounting applications, as well as periodontal templates.

Eaglesoft has a patient programming application with which you can offer users the ability to block different segments that have to do with time, from 5 to 60 minutes, all depending on the duration of the appointment. Appointments that are designed with double reservation are shown side by side so that they can be identified long before a problem arises.

Eaglesoft has the treatment planning module that allows each user to submit treatment plans to patients so that they can collect consent forms with a digital signature function. In turn, it also provides financial-related information so that patients can decide based on insurance coverage estimates.

The Eaglesoft software also includes a document manager, SmartDoc, which allows each user to store and manage documents that are imported from paper graphics systems.

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Diagnostic imaging and X-ray
Medical Billing
Appointment Management
Client Management
Patient Records Management
Claims Management
Planning treatment
Scheduling Appointments
Appointment Reminders

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What do you think about Eaglesoft?

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