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Video editing software, video managers, video editing programs, video editing platforms, video editing applications... All these are designations of solutions that meet the same purposes. They are computer tools that are made to work with digital audio and image recordings. Generally, this type of software is used to work or modify a video after it is produced digitally. It is common for this type of tool to correspond to a system that works nonlinearly on a computer. This is what is known as NLE (non-linear editing system). Flat-base celluloid editing with analog machines has been replaced by this type of computing solution. These tools have made these processes less cumbersome to perform. In addition, they have made these activities available to users who are not necessarily experts in the field.

Video editing software: what is it about?

Currently, many of these video editing software have reached a high level of popularity among amateurs. They are famous, among whom belong to this target, video editors for Windows. The same applies to those that are used to modify this type of content on social networks. However, this user profile is not the only user profile that uses them. Communication and marketing departments of companies, communications companies and advertising agencies have found in video editing programs more economical resources. That compared to traditional systems. Specifically, those used to process this type of material and incorporate it more effectively into your projects. As with other software, a wide variety of options can be found on the market. It is possible to find those that are simple and free to make videos with photos and music. There are also those that are classified as sophisticated. Similarly, there are those of the type that is cataloged as professional video editor software. In this case, it may involve the payment of a license.