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Text editors: What are these software in charge of? Well, these are computer programs developed to create and edit digital files in basic text or plain text format. In other words, without specific formatting. Generally, computer programs that are cataloged as text editors are included in the operating system of the device to use. This can be a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That's why we talk about Windows text editor, Mac OS text editor or Linux text editors. Also, some of these text editing programs can be installed by the same user. This is because they can be part of a software package.

Text Editors Software: What is it about? What are they for?

While some of these tools can be catalogued as general use, others are made for writing or programming in a language. Because of this it is common to use terms such as text editors for programming, HTML text editor, code editor, HTML code editor, as well as PHP editors. It is possible to use a free text editor or another that requires canceling the cost of a license for the same purpose. Of course, the one that is free will not have the same range of functions as the paid one.