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Educational Software

After the consolidation of the Internet era, educational software has managed to consolidate itself. These tools are more than accepted in classrooms. They have also managed to gain some prestige, thanks to their effectiveness. Educational software belong to a specific type of computer program. 

Educational software is designed with one main objective: to facilitate the processes framed in teaching and learning. These educational software are also known as educational platforms and educational tools. In addition, they are called educational programs, pedagogical programs or educational computer solutions. All these terms meet the same concept.

What is an Educational Software?

Education programmes are not the same as educational resources. For example, slide show software, editing and design tools, spreadsheets, etc., are not. Certainly, they can be used in pedagogical processes, but they were not made for this.

Strictly, educational software is designed and developed to be used by training and instruction institutions, as well as by teachers and students.

Educational programmes may cover different subjects or themes. They can refer to languages, geography, mathematics, drawing, etc. In addition, they manage subjects in various ways. This way, they can use questionnaires, simulations, structured information, among other methods. Generally, this type of software provides sensitive consideration of the characteristics of the student, in their work environment. At the same time, it takes into account its possibilities and the conditions in which it is located.