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Electronic Signature

To begin with, it is important to specify what this term refers to. 

It corresponds to a concept of a legal nature. It's the electronic equivalent to the handwritten signature.

An electronic signature, which responds to the need to secure communications over the Internet, allows a person to accept the content of a message through any valid electronic means. In addition, an electronic signature can be classified into three different types:

  • Simple: A set of data in electronic form reported together with or associated with others. This type of signature is used as a means of identifying the signatory.
  • Advanced: it is linked to the signatory and to the data to which it refers in a unique way. It is kept under the sole control of the signatory. Ensures the integrity of signed content.
  • Recognized: is based on a reliable certificate. It is generated by a secure signature creation device.

Electronic Signature Software: What is it about?

Electronic signing of a document is possible thanks to specialized software that the computer industry has created for this purpose. In fact, the field of software provides solutions in the category of application for electronic signature. This means that this type of solution is also used from mobile devices.

Organizations use electronic signature software to encrypt documents such as sales contracts or employment procedures. Occasionally, these are those writings for which, often, signatures from clients, employees or partners are required. Such a tool can be integrated with third-party applications, including sales, ERP systems, HR management suites, and supply chain suites. In this way, it facilitates the efforts of managing quotes, contracts and suppliers.