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Endomondo is an App designed to carry an exercise routine. It is your personal trainer in your pocket composed of an app and a website that will help you make your physical activity a more fun and motivating experience.

Endomondo's mission is to motivate people to become more active. This way they get it by making training more attractive, social and fun.

Endomondo helps you follow your workouts, provides real-time audio information and motivates you to achieve your physical activity goals. The personal pocket trainer is free and syncs automatically with our website ( so you can keep a detailed record of your workouts and analyze your performance.

At Endomondo they believe that sports should be fun and social interaction guarantees it, whether it's a real-time mood message from your partner, a comment from your best friend or colleague, or likes from people in your social circles. Positive reaffirmation will help you go further. That's why the app is designed to make it easier for you to interact with your friends and we recommend that you invite your closest friends to try it out.

Endomondo functions:

  • GPS tracking and real-time map Record workouts, check your location on a map and let your friends follow you live.
  • Audio Coach Feedback Get feedback from the audio coach about your performance every mile or kilometer.
  • Training
  • history Check the training history where you will find your times, routes, photos or comments from your friends.
  • Training goals Compete with other users or find a distance goal and get audio information about your performance.
  • Tagging and photos Tag your friends, add photos and write comments about your workouts.
  • Heart rate monitors Connect your favorite heart rate monitor with the app.

Endomondo transforms your mobile phone into a personal trainer. Ideal for running, cycling or walking, among many other sports activities. The possibility of connecting with friends is an extra incentive for motivation. Download the app and start releasing endorphins.

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What do you think about Endomondo?

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