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TOP 10 Enterprise Asset Management Software


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Enterprise Asset Management

It is also known by the acronym EAM. These terms define what is known in the business world as the efficient lifecycle management of an organization's physical assets.

The operation of the EAM may cover aspects such as: design; construction; operations; maintenance, dismantling or replacement of facilities; equipment and facilities.

Enterprise Asset Management Software: What is an EAM?

IT tools designed within the EAM concept are innovative asset maintenance solutions within a company. They help respond to the requirement to continuously monitor such assets.

An EAM software allows companies whose management involves intensive use of assets to achieve a comprehensive view of them. It can be in different locations, facilities, departments, or business units.

Software that falls within the EAM category represents a number of benefits to the implementing organization. These software translates into better organization, as well as simple and clear asset tracking. It also represents faster and more efficient maintenance routines, less cumbersome contract management, among others.