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Workouts is a platform designed to perform a good exercise routine. It is an ideal platform for creating training routines. Workouts has around 1000 exercises available to choose from.

Using Workouts you can create, save, edit and share your files. Exercises are segmented into: bodybuilding and strength, sports and health, weight loss, rehabilitation and exercises for women.

The exercises are aimed at various parts of the body, with a wide variety to be able to choose and assemble the routine that suits you best. It is a simple and easy to use platform to achieve your goals and achieve your goals.

Among the exercises presented in Workouts are: Lumbar hernia to strengthen core, legs to achieve strength and volume in 6 exercises, biceps tendinopathy, HIIT 7 minutes advanced, 9 best exercises for your core, Baker cyst, cervical beat, lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow, strength improvement in basic and advanced elderly people, rotator cuff tendinopathy, pubalgia or osteopathy of pubis, patellar tendon tendinopathy, HIIT routine without 9 minute material, pubalgia or osteopathy of pubis week 1 and 2, anatomical adaptation, improvement of muscle quality plan 1 month, rehabilitation cruciate ligament, fat burning without material, stretching lower and hip, abdominal midlevel, among so many other exercise routines.

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