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Phenomenon is an application to perform effective training programs. With Phenomenon it will be easy to achieve your goals, motivation, advice, programming, results, progress. You will have a team involved in your program and person who will pave the way towards your goals with a great deal and dedication in specific facilities. With Phenomenon you get a training routine. Lower train work, combining exercise battery and using different elements. A training should be comprehensive and guiding the full development of all capabilities. Each of the sessions must be integrated into a planning open to the possible changes that can be experienced by those who continue to experience, 6 development blocks in which aerobics, muscle, muscle, joint or proprioception can not be lacking. You can perform training in small groups, all the benefits of personal training with social cohesion. Share the experience and goals as partners, friends or other users with the same needs and affinity. Phenomenon is ideal if you are looking to get in shape, change or improve your physical appearance or just want to improve for your next race. All training programs are subject to a prior evaluation of the physical condition and capabilities of the user to obtain the highest success rate with maximum safety, in the same way the program is followed by a team of specialists and quality control can be re-evaluated for a better progression of our client.

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Evaluación de condición física
Programa de nutrición
Plan de entrenamiento
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Procesamiento de pagos
Historial de entrenamientos
Metas de entrenamiento

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