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Gantt Chart

 First things first, you need to answer the question:

What is a Gantt Chart?

Simply put, this visual tool is used in the planning and scheduling of activities or tasks on a timeline.

The Gantt chart, created by Henry Laurence Gantt, allows you to visualize the duration and start of each activity in a project. This graph makes it possible for you to take control of your job planning. This type of graphic, easy to interpret, enjoys some popularity.

Above all, it is widely used by those who are engaged in project management. It makes it possible for the project to be divided into activities or tasks. A Gantt chart can be a powerful tool for managing complex projects. To achieve this, it is recommended to add techniques based on program review and evaluation. The latter are also known as PERT (program evaluation and review techniques). Also, the Gantt chart can be combined with the Critical Path Method (CPM). This is especially advisable when it comes to projects that are not easy to implement.

Now, how to make a Gantt Chart? You need to list all the activities of a project. Its design should be as schematic as possible. You can also create and keep up to date another version of the more detailed chart for the person running the project. The Gantt chart is often used by small and medium-sized businesses. This is because this type of chart is simple, easy to use and has a low cost.

Gantt Chart Software - What is it about?

You can make a Gantt chart with a spreadsheet. For this, certain cells are marked to form the representation of each task. Macros exist to automate this processing in MS Excel and Free/OpenOffice Calc. But it is better to use specially designed software for this.

Project management tools can be found on the market, using the Gantt chart as the main screen. This kind of computer tool, which usually requires the payment of a license, is usually very friendly. Only tasks are entered. Its processes are capable of producing a representation of these activities within the Gantt chart format. It is worth saying that there are also software of this category in free format. Likewise, just as it is possible to use tools that are downloaded to a computer, there are those that are used through a web page and the browser to track projects.