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Agile project management software... First, it is necessary to define: what is agile project management? To begin with, it is also calledgile project management . The term corresponds to a set of methodologies aimed at enabling the development of projects. Specifically, these are those who need a particular speed and flexibility in their process. Especially, agile project management is applied in developed projects that are carried out in environments where uncertainty levels are very high. Agile project management is not the same as predictive or traditional project management. The latter defines in detail which deliverable product is intended to be developed. In short, agile project management aims to deliver a product with the highest possible value to the customer, within a given time. To achieve this, a repetitive and incremental construction cycle is set in motion.

Agile project management software: what is it?

Agile methodology is commonly associated with technology-based projects. Its origin is linked to the search for models designed to improve software development. At present, there are different types of agile methodology. Among them: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP programming, etc. They are suitable for companies characterized by managing themselves in the midst of constant change. Above all, they work in the case of highly complex projects. In very practical terms, an agile management software is a project management tool designed to support a methodology of the same name. It can be Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP programming or other agile hybrid methods.