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Business Process Management... Business Process Management is known as business process management. But, more commonly, it is called by the acronym BPM (acronym for the English term). Now, what is BPM? Well, it corresponds to a discipline focused on business management composed of methodologies and technologies. Specifically, it aims to improve performance, to achieve the efficiency of an organization's business processes. The BPM proposes design, modeling, organization, documentation and optimization. All this must be constant for you to get the expected results. This is why it can be described as continuous process improvement. The BPM also represents a discrete series of activities. It can include people, applications, business events, steps, tasks, and organizations.

Business process management software: what a BPM?

However, software specially designed under the name BPM is necessary to meet these challenges, because this is what will serve as a platform to launch business process management. Undoubtedly, thanks to such a tool, human resources, content and business applications are integrated to achieve a focused approach on processes and multifunctional teams. BPM IT solutions are generally friendly, intuitive, and people-focused. The fact is that, precisely, they are made to meet the concept that governs them and stimulate the continuous improvement of the processes throughout the organization. A BPM tool manages all stages of its lifecycle. In other words, it allows handling from modeling and optimization to automation, execution and monitoring. By providing better business understanding, process efficiency, and a positive impact on strategic planning, such software enables the human team to be more productive, improve management of complex activities, and support the achievement of objectives on real-time data.