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TOP 10 Industrial Maintenance Software


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What is Industrial Maintenance?

Industrial maintenance involves all the necessary actions to be applied to preserve industrial production assets. In this sense, the main objective is to maintain in an appropriate condition the assets and/or processes to achieve this condition. That said, activities go through checks, measurements, replacements, adjustments and repairs.

In addition, maintenance can be classified as Preventive, Corrective and Predictive Maintenance. All these characteristics applied to the physical assets of production plants including infrastructure.

Software for Maintenance in Industries

Knowing what industrial maintenance is, there are solutions capable of performing maintenance routines. Routines start by configuring the assets and materials involved in industrial production processes.

  • Turbines
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Furnaces and Pumps
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Packaging equipment, among others

Now, once you have this, you can generate a maintenance plan for those assets. Monitoring involves inspection, diagnosis, location of parts and service, within the type of maintenance to be applied. In addition, through the software you can generate Work Orders to technicians, with standardized process flows. Connecting spare parts needs per asset and seeing the traceability of Orders from generation to closure.

It is important to note that most Industrial Maintenance software currently operate as a service (SaaS)

Importance of Industrial Maintenance Software

Going through the maintenance of assets in industries and knowing the tools that facilitate work, it is impossible to highlight the importance of having this software in companies. In this sense, we list some that may be critical when implementing the software:

  • Knowledge of the useful life of an asset, having historical maintenance information
  • Optimization of costs (time, money, human capital), by having an asset organization system.
  • Quality of maintenance due to the ability to have documentation and best maintenance practices

Being aware of this can become the most important differentiator of the competition.