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Instafit is an application designed to create exercise routines, whether you are in the comfort of your home or in the Gym. With Instafit you can create your routine, with which you will have the experience of having your own coach next to it. Having everything to achieve your goals in the gym; warm-up, music, movements and your trainer.

You can define your goals and select the perfect program that will help you achieve it. By establishing a different routine every day you will never be left without knowing what to do, that's precisely what Instafit gives you, variety.

You can also control your training, measuring every routine. Keep track of your calendar, records and results in one place. Instafit has workout videos ranging from 4 minutes to 40 minutes, guided by trainers who sweat just like you. With routines in 10 disciplines that will elevate you from novice to professional athlete level.

Instafit has several coaches that will keep you motivated to give it all, whether you like to be spoken beautifully or driven to military style, Instafit has the best coaches in the region to guide you and achieve your goals.

You'll have a coach in your ears, this close. Discover hundreds of audio routines, guided by the best coaches. The fact is, you'll never get bored. You'll reach the limit with your playlist for each routine or by connecting to your favorite music app, exercising at the pace you like best.

Key features of Instafit:

  • Access over 100 audio routines directed by a coach who motivates you mixing your favorite music.
  • New routines every week.
  • Effective sessions from 4 to 40 minutes.
  • HIIT and endurance classes for all levels and disciplines: band running, exercise bike, weights and meditation.
  • Sync with your Spotify Premium account to train with amazing playlists or your favorite music.
  • Download your routines and train offline.
  • Keep track of your calories burned.

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What do you think about Instafit?

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