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Shopping guide for Inventory Softwares

What is an Inventory Software?  

An Inventory Software references to registering, buying and output management of inventory in a company. It is also known for storage and software inventory control.

This tool provides available stock reports in any time, with input and output of items such as external and internal items, apart from stablishing a relationship between sold and consumed items and customers. Items can be organized at your taste, you can customize it by sectioning, storage, pricing, colors, etc.

Inventory managementis considered very important in strategic business management. Specifically, tasks in these softwares reference to register modes and rotation points. It also includes, because of the chosen ways of control, classification forms and inventory models.

Most popular features

  • Mobile Access

  • Reports and Analysis creation

  • Equipment

  • Store management

  • Retailer's inventory management

  • Orders renovation management

  • Multichannel management

  • Item identification

  • Inventory optimization

  • Forecast

  • Notification and alerts

  • Manufacturing inventory management

  • Inventory management

Inventory Software prices

Inventory and sales software's price plans depend on the amount of orders per month and they are usually classified in:

  • Basic Plan: from 50 a 7499 orders

  • Standard Plan:  from 7500 a 14999 orders

  • Enterprice Plan: unlimited orders

*There are some Inventory and Billing softwares that are free but these contain limited functionalities and servicies.

In conclusion    

Managing your inventory in a conventional way today represents a big time investment in multiple areas. This is why companies go for an inventory software in order to speed-up and simplify processes.

When it comes to selecting an inventory software, please keep in mind additional fees and the amount of stores you are willing to manage.

Browsing through ComparSoftware, you will be able to find different options when it comes to an inventory software and compare them at the same time in orden to find the software that will fit your company the best.