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Enterprise Logistics Software can be a key factor for growth, as its main contribution is the creation of business synergy. On the one hand, Enterprise Logistics Software manages to control demand with greater precision. The fact of having its own database provides historical data, trends that have been repeated, in addition to the habits of customers which determine the forecast and the ability to estimate demand and this will allow adjustment of production needs. Also, thanks to the use of Logistica Empresarial software, it also allows the inventory to be adjusted in the different phases of the supply chain. It avoids possible situations of shortage when demand grows, while preventing excessive stock in the form of a mattress, which, on the other hand, will considerably reduce storage costs. Another major advantage of Enterprise Logistics Management software is the constant access to information from the various links in the chain. All the actors involved in the task have real-time access to all the necessary information, facilitating decision-making.