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We make your customers, in real time, test your products from any corner of the planet, wherever they are. 

Give your customers a shopping experience on another level. Increase up to 40% the possibilities of purchase.

Can I upload my 3D models to LookiAR?

Of course! Import your 3D models from Blender, Sketchup, 3ds Max, Maya, and many more! Lookiar supports files in glb, fbx, dae, obj and USDZ format.

How do the plans work?

Pay for the number of AR products you need. You can delete and add the number of 3D models as many times as you want. If you need more spaces you can increase the capacity of the plan.

What devices support AR technology?

The software is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher smartphones and tablets. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and iOS 11 or higher. Windows, MacOS or Chrome OS laptops.

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