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What is a Marketing Automation software?

A marketing automation software is a program that allows you to speed up marketing processes in order to attract new customers and create long lasting relationships with the already existing ones.

With an integral marketing automation solution you will centralize every tool and marketing data in one platform to make the most out of it possible.

When you automize your sales and maketing efforts, your team can focus in making strategic decisions and provide an integrated and customized experience in every stage of your sales funnel. This will make the qualified marketing prospect to the sales qualified prospect process way easier.


  • Contacts segmentation: Marketing automation allows quick and automatic data base sementation. It gathers contacts in any way you choose and creates segments based on traits (for example, company sizes, location, interests, records, etc.) in order to take customized marketing actions for every audience and gain client's interest with content according to their specific needs.

  • ROI analysis and follow-up: Measure and track in detail campaign perfomance and results, marketing actions, tools acquisition, new strategies and gaininformation based in real facts.

  • Intuitive dashboards: Portray large amounts of information in detailed graphics and reports to identify oportunity areas and make better decisions.

  • Social Marketing: Improve your brand's reach in social media through posts and advertising campaigns. This will alow you to analyze the interaction and convertion with your target audience and attract potential customers.

  • Data base: save, manage and combine all real and potential customer data in one place.

  • API: It integrates two or more apps. Meaning that users will send messages to your WhatsApp sales account directly from your website. This will speed up the communication process between your business and the user.

  • A/B testing: Compare two campaigns in real time to see which one works better.

  • Multichannel tracking: Through incorporating tracking codes you can control and measure each task and target in a campaign.

  • Email Marketing: Create a professional email in less time. You can start with a n email template gallery or create a new design from scratch.

  • Leads Management: The sales team can know the proper contact method for each lead according to the lead's stage in the funnel. 

  • Forms: Create subscription forms with a design that adjusts your your brand. You can place it wherever you need it in order to collect potential customer information.

  • Landing Page: You can create landing pages without having programming knowledge.

  • Chat: It provides answers in real time for your prospects and customers. You can set a chat in your website in just a few minutes.

Marketing  Automation software prices

In order to select the price method for a software that adjusts perfectly to your budget, it's important that you set the targets you would like to achieve, since the price is defined, for example, by the number of contacts you intend to manage.

Additional costs:

  • Implementation: Softwares have different implementation processes. Some can be incorporated only with regstration and others require implementation packs that include data migration, training, control panel and reports setting and after implementation control.

  • Additional assisting and consulting: If you would like to make the most out of a marketing automation software , we recommend to use their consulting services. Some softwares offer this services in their packs, but in some other cases, you will have to hire these services apart from the providing software or from a company that is specialized in these tools.

  • Additional features: Every basic plan provides minimal and indispensable marketing automation functions. But, they also offer more specific, advanced solutions for an additional fee. For example, Zoho Marketing Automation offers a $20 standard plan. If you would like to incorporate a massive email function, you will have an additional fee of $5 for 500 emails.

Types of price plans:

Marketing Automation software providers usually have two types of price plans:

  • Monthly subscription plan: Many providers use these sort of plan where the price is defined by functionalities with a maximum amount of contacts. Superior plans bring integrations with some other sales modules, the possibility of applying intelligent filters for audience segmentation, multiple users, customizable reports, etc.

  • Monthly subscription plan per contact: Providers include standard functionalities and only charge for the amount of contacts that companies hold in their data base. Some provide tools online for calculating the price of different and multiple amounts of contacts. The minimal amount of contacts usually lays arounds 500 to 1000. If your company is in the B2C business, this type of plan is perfect for achieving a great volume of potential customers with massive marketing campaigns.

Price plans can be clasified as:

  Plans Contacts
  Basic 500 to 2000 
  Standard 2000 to 4999 
  Professional 5000 to 9999
  Enterprise More than 10000 

More than 300 marketing automation software providers were analyzed and, because of that, we can define the average price on 180 USD. Nevertheless, the price can be bigger depending on additional fees mentioned previously.

In conclusion

With a marketing automation software you will be able to provide an exceptional experience for your customers. Functionalities such as data base segmentation, new communication channels development, integrations with new apps, control and follow-up of marketing campaigns results will allow you to stop manual tasks and focus on improving your relationship with your target audience.

When it comes to choosing a marketing automation software, you must not forget to consider addtional implementation or consulting fees. You should hire the plan that fits your budget the best, taking into consideration which functionalities the plan has and the amount of contacts that you need to manage.

By browsing through ComparaSoftware you will be able to find different options when it comes to a marketing automation software and compare them at the same time in orden to find the software that will fit your company the best.