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Mytrainik is a software designed for sports planning, exercise routines. It is a program designed for personal trainers, training management of those who direct the planning of professional athletes, running groups or gym users, among others. With this system you can be more efficient, since you can manage to organize and create your generic training plans and then assign them and customize them to the users you have. Users will be able to view the exercises, consult their associated images and videos, send messages, evaluate their own training and evaluate the sensations they have had when carrying them out. All this is available on the same platform, so forget about sending emails to some users, whatsapp messages for others, copying and pasting from one word to another. With MyTrainik you will have all the information you need centrally and organized so as not to waste time, everything is recorded in a history. Both personal trainer and athletes can access 24 hours a day from any device connected to the internet, as this platform does not require to be installed.

Key features of MyTrainik:

  • Create Exercises You can create and expand your own database of exercises, and add their description, images and videos to make it easier to understand.
  • Training Plans Create different schedules and assign them to users or groups of users with one click. You can easily copy, reuse and adapt them to other users.
  • Goals Motivate your athletes by setting a career or a long-term goal on their calendar.
  • Tracking In the user's tab you will be able to see all their data, assigned trainings, goals, payments made and the progress achieved.
  • Communication To improve communication between the athlete and the coach, user messages come all organized to one place from which to manage them.
  • Payment management Control payments made by users and keep accounts up to date.
  • Evolution Testing Set the metrics you want to see the athlete's progression. Careers, exams or simple control tests.
  • User Zone Athletes will also access the platform to view their profile and assigned workouts, their data sheet and also to contact the coach.

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What do you think about MyTrainik?

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