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Onison: The on-demand catalog. The print publishing and data management service is just one example of how Onison approaches simplicity to reduce pre-production time and costs.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, this leading on-demand catalog automation platform can produce full-color print catalogs, individualized catalogs, brochures, price lists and PDFs, while dramatically reducing costs on catalog production methods with desktop publishing.

No other on-demand catalog automation system can match the management and security features of the Onison application platform. You can control access, edit, and catalog creation rights up to the individual product and even its variations. Sharing images and product data has never been easier. The languages that are stored in the Product Information System (PIM) can be called individually for global.

Our media asset management system allows marketers to upload their product lists through the importer (Excel/CSV/API) into the fully integrated PIM (Product Information Management) in multiple local languages. The dataset will be placed in the specified product folder and at the same time a catalog project will automatically start.

Sketches, icons, and images can be combined with data through a simple one-click operation as they become available. In the catalog project, the user can view the design and make changes and modifications instantly. Individual file data can be viewed and corrected in the PIM tab of each asset's edit window.

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Product Catalog

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Publicación de bases de datos

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