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What is online quality control software?

Online quality control software or online quality management software (QMS online) is a business platform that automates the process of tracking and controlling product defects. Managers can use this software to check the final quality of products and improve processes, production and revenue.

Online quality control software helps identify, isolate and correct unforeseen product defects online that could lead to customer dissatisfaction. It also offers tools to assess the effectiveness of repair attempts and helps maintain product compliance with international regulations.

The online QMS automates workflows and enables manufacturers to collect data from users, analyze it and implement corrective actions to rectify potential defects. Advantages of quality management software Maintaining consistency and quality is the goal of any company.

Quality management software advantages:

Improving customer satisfaction

The key to business growth is to offer users products and services of the highest quality. The implementation of quality management software helps to meet the needs of customers. It also builds trust in your brand and ultimately customer loyalty. Customer feedback is very important to managing quality as it enables teams to make process improvements.

Eliminate duplicate work to improve efficiency

The implementation of quality procedures ensures constant measurement of production performance. Thus, when a defect occurs, corrective action can be taken immediately. Applying proper evaluation techniques saves time, improves efficiency, and ensures proper and consistent performance.

Increase financial performance

Quality management processes can help create consistently good quality products with fewer defects. Eliminating duplicate work reduces overhead costs, field service requirements, and the amount of waste generated during the production process. All this increases the financial performance of your business.

Increase market share

In a highly competitive market, strategy management and market visibility go hand in hand. Quality management software helps you manage risks and costs by enabling improvements to the development process. A system that is flawless and able to react quickly to industry opportunities increases market share.

Common features of online quality control software

Manage audits

Schedule and carry out periodic inspections and audits. Ensure that the production processes are carried out according to the standards of the company and the sector.

Manage compliance

Monitor and manage nonconformities in any service, product, process or supplier to ensure that all defects are detected quickly. Control documents: organize all the documents related to the phases of a product in a centralized database. Manage and control the creation, approval and distribution of documents and processes to ensure that they comply with industry regulations.

Implement corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)

Create a workflow to investigate the root cause or errors in products/processes and take action to prevent their recurrence.

Manage risks

Identify, assess, mitigate and report on risks.

Control the quality of suppliers

Qualify, select and supervise supply chain partners. Track supplier issues, such as non-compliance cases.

Manage complaints

Receive, monitor and review customer comments and complaints related to products and services. Resolve complaints and improve customer satisfaction. Social networks make it easy to express opinions in the blink of an eye. As a result, poor product quality has catastrophic results on brand image. If a customer is unsatisfied with a product, they can quickly share their experience on Facebook or Twitter. Such posts catch numerous eyeballs and spread like wildfire. Poor quality also results in low customer ratings on e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, which impedes online sales.

To build a successful brand, you must establish a foolproof online quality management process. This process will help you identify quality problems, correct the problems, and educate employees on best practices for quality management. However, manually managing all these steps is not easy. It involves a lot of documentation and paperwork.

To implement a foolproof quality management process, you need online quality management software. The software automates all steps, saving you time and ensuring your products meet quality standards. It also stores documents in one place and allows users to approve paperwork online. To help you select the right online quality management software for your business, we invite you to consult our guides and experts.