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Open Dental is a dental solution, designed to manage and manage dental offices. Open Dental is an open source solution that includes local electronic graphics, billing, practice management and imaging applications suitable for both large and small offices.

Prescription functions include electronic recipes and printed recipes, which can perfectly be completed with predefined templates. Recipes are automatically registered and can be reviewed using a specially created report.

Open Dental has a treatment plan module that collects all the necessary treatments for each individual patient, and are organized in order of priority. Each user can submit, add and make modifications to the pre-authorization processing forms and this from this module. In turn, they can carry out tariff modifications for each individual procedure.

The Open Dental solution provides a portal for patients to make payments, view appointments, view treatment plans, also send or receive web mail and download care summaries. The calendar offered by Open Dental can be viewed daily or weekly. Quotes can be color-coded so you can distinguish between the variety of suppliers. Open Dental is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

As for the support offered by Open Dental, it has a friendly team that will assist you by phone call or via online chat.

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What do you think about Open Dental?

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