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Order Management Software

These solutions help companies coordinate their supply chain operations, as well as manage multi-channel sales strategies. In addition, these systems offer features such as payment processing, multi-channel marketing and customer relationship management.

This category of software is related to e-commerce software, order entry software and inventory management software. These days, stores (both traditional and online) face challenges related to increasing marketing channels, faster delivery expectations, and complex supply chains. To stay competitive, it is important for merchants to ensure that orders are filled and dispatched quickly and accurately.

Order management software helps companies shorten order delivery times and gain greater control over associated processes.

These systems offer benefits that include:

  • Better customer service: Order management software provides real-time status updates for customers, enabling them to anticipate delivery. The software stores details such as the delivery address and payment method when a new customer enters their information for the first time. This eliminates the need for the same customer to re-enter information for future orders, allowing them to verify faster.
  • Reduced order processing errors: Errors can easily occur when managing large volumes of multiple channels orders. Through features such as barcode labeling, order management software ensures that orders are shipped to the correct recipients.
  • Fast order processing: Order management software provides a centralized database where warehouse, shipping, inventory levels, and employee information is stored. This allows sales representatives to obtain the required information without calling the office or juggling numerous spreadsheets.