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Pace DPR is a production monitoring system that monitors daily production in industries.


Evaluate OEE, availability, performance and quality of industrial productivity. It has been designed to provide real-time status with a seamless display of all performance parameters.Pace DPR is able to accommodate all types of manufacturing industries and provide end-to-end OEE data on any and all existing levels of manufacturing. Data provided by Pace DPR related to machine performance, productivity quality and machine efficiency is provided in high quality and simplicity for understanding.Operators can understand very easily by taking a look at what is actually happening in production. The platform is designed to provide accurate data containing all the necessary information. Pace DPR is a platform designed to measure OEE production. You will be able to monitor your production process with real-time status.Measure your manufacturing OEE in relation to availability, performance and quality. With Pace DPR you will be able to evaluate OEE manufacturing and view the overall performance of each of your machines on one screen based on the current day or shift. You will be able to check the working efficiency of your machines.Make your analysis much easier by checking the effectiveness of individual machines separately. Check OEE of each of your machines.Get much deeper analysis with each machine. By using Pace DPR you will be able to identify defects and errors in your production system. The platform will allow you to make necessary decisions at the right time.

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Root Cause Analysis
Trend Analysis
Quality Control
Creating Historical Reports
Work Order Management
Performance Metrics
Cost Tracking
Tracking downtime
Creating Real-Time Reports

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