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TOP 10 Payment Gateways Software


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The payment gateway software is responsible for the automation of transactions between the buyer and the merchant, through different means of payment, guaranteeing the secure exchange of confidential information through a single interaction protocol and using the encrypted data of a card.

A payment gateway acts as an intermediary between the customer and the seller, that is, it captures and transfers the customer's payment data and sends it to the seller. In addition to automating and achieving a fast and secure transaction, it offers different payment method options in one place.

It is 100% secure software as it protects credit card data by encrypting the confidential information it contains. This process ensures that private personal data is securely transmitted between the customer and the seller.

Having a payment gateway, which offers an immediate, secure purchase and different payment methods, is key to attracting and retaining customers.

Payment gateways can be integrated with other eCommerce tools and accounting software

Why hire a payment gateway software?

  • It is a safe and reliable payment option
  • Facilitates the purchase decision, customer at a click
  • There is no time restriction, customers can buy at any time
  • There are no geographical limits, transactions can be made from any country
  • The platforms adapt to any type of company, small, medium or large.