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Surveys: What is this software about? While social networks allow surveys, computer tools designed for this purpose remain a more complete and more reliable option for businesses. Surveying tools can count on a number of add-ons. These make it possible more than the design and application of a form to achieve answers on a particular topic. Commonly, these software are used to obtain customer feedback. They also collect the perceptions of prospects with respect to products and services. They also capture employee opinions to measure the organizational climate.

Survey program: What is it for?

A platform in this category also serves marketing and public relations departments. These units use them to capture the vision of attendees at an event, before, during, and after it takes place. That, among other uses. Some companies use the option of Internet-paid survey platforms. These allow network users to register and express their opinion on a particular matter. In return they receive money for their time and their answers. These programmes have been refined over time to make surveys more efficient. Apps designed with this goal are becoming more common. These apps allow you to manage digital forms for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, they use different operating systems (Android, iOS and Web). Software to create surveys (online andoffline ), whether free of charge or requiring the payment of a license, are not only used by large companies. Medium and small companies, as well as independent professionals, can find such a tool that fits their requirements.