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Product information management (PIM) software helps retailers consolidate and manage data about their products and ensures that accurate and current product information is shared across all digital retail platforms and on the site. With a robust, centralized product information repository, companies can manage, promote, and sell products more effectively. Features Advantages and Benefits of PIM Software: Improved inventory control: By consolidating inventory information for a company's entire sales channels, retailers can ensure that the right quantity of product is available. Uninterrupted customer experience — PIM software ensures that if the customer is looking at a product in a physical store or making price comparisons in a mobile app, accurate and consistent product information is shared across all channels. Increased sales opportunities: PIM software allows you to relate products to each other and suggest associated products to consumers. Collaborative marketing: By providing their employees with a platform through which to share product information, sales and marketing teams can create and share ideas about product promotions and advertising campaigns. Data Modeling — Creates conceptual models of how data elements relate to each other. Digital Asset Management — Manage digital assets related to products. Data Quality Assurance — Sets guidelines for allowed data fields to ensure data integrity. Documentation management: manages product-specific documents and allows you to search and filter them by different categories. Third Party Integration: Allows product information data to be accessed and updated by third party applications. Collaboration tools — Provides a platform for team members to share media files and communicate about current projects and promotions.