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PIMWorks is a modern product experience management solution created for growing companies that are committed to improving the customer experience. Simplify product experience management with simple, scalable, and easy-to-use software.

PIMWorks is here to help you handle excess product data and send running product catalogs to each channel you sell on.

After a lot of reflection and exchange ideas, the idea of PIMWorks was designed to address the difficulties of product data, simplify work on it, and make your management smooth, anywhere.

Here are the features of PIMWorks:

  • Tailored product information for optimized customer experiences.
  • Single version of data for different business contexts.
  • Fast and reliable information to drive decision making.
  • Collaborative workflows.
  • Product information goes to multiple channels.
  • Enriching content to the channel.

Incorporating product information across multiple sales channels takes a long time. To expand to different channels and fight with the volume of data, the process must be automated. The data to be incorporated must be standardized, standardized and enriched as well.

Data from multiple systems can be easily ingested through PIMWorks's intelligent data mapping and categorization modules. In addition, you can also enrich product information through a fully automated, integrated data enrichment module.

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