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Route planning software automates vehicle scheduling and optimization activities by generating the most efficient route for any fleet size. These tools are mainly used by service carriers and dispatchers, fleet managers and courier drivers. Features such as live driver tracking, route mapping, and advanced reporting enable dispatchers to avoid unplanned stops, reduce miles traveled, and plan fuel-efficient routes. Miles optimization that reduces fuel and other associated costs: Route planning software identifies low-fuel routes that minimizes the number of miles and total driver time on the road. It also ensures that the fleet is less exposed to traffic and safety risks, allowing savings in fleet insurance premiums and liability costs. Complex route management — Route planning software uses advanced algorithms to manage complex route planning. These tools help fleet managers consider variables such as rush hour traffic to avoid unexpected delays. Enables the right number of vehicles in the fleet: With the right route optimization tools with features such as automated planning, real-time route modification and live tracking, fleet managers can make the strategic decision to use fewer vehicles to do the same amount of work. In addition, companies may consider selling or obsolete vehicles that are less productive. Cost reduction. Selecting the best possible route without using software that automates your management and takes into account all the factors that come into play can lead to errors. It is proven that routes generated by optimization algorithms are much more efficient than routes generated by “experts” who know the route. Smart routes mean reducing mileage, as well as time and fuel. Increased productivity. Generating routes manually for each vehicle requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the team and drivers, who must consult maps during the journey and be aware of factors that can be automated without probelma with a simple application, increasing their attention and productivity. In addition, making all your shipments or transportation services on time will improve your image as a company. Save time and improve service. With a route planner software what distribution companies earn the most is time; time you can invest in doing more jobs and increasing your profit margin. Improve customer satisfaction. When carriers do not pay attention to the specifications of their customers or do not have the necessary information (and instead of visiting them when asked to do so at any other time), they find no one, lose the trip made and generate a bad image of the business. A route planner software allows you to take much more into account customer requests and inform them in real time of the location of the vehicle, being satisfied with the quality of the service. Failed deliveries are reduced.