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TOP 10 Predictive Maintenance Software


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Predictive Maintenance Software

Before explaining what such a tool is about, you need to answer the question:

What is predictive maintenance? Also defined as the condition based, it is responsible for evaluating the condition of equipment and machinery. It is also important to note that it is responsible for recommending the intervention or not depending on the condition of the equipment or machinery. That's what it's all about.

Specifically, it is a set of organized techniques of measurement and analysis of variables. These are aimed at detecting potential failures in the operational condition of the equipment. This type of maintenance has as main objective to enhance the operation and availability of equipment. This without implying greater investment. On the contrary, it is about achieving a minimum cost. That is to say that there is a difference between preventive and predictive maintenance. First, preventive maintenance helps prevent equipment failures and reduces unplanned downtime.

Preventive maintenance, however, is not sufficient to reduce labor and spare parts costs in this area. It goes further. Minimize costs by performing maintenance only when needed. That's the difference between one and the other.

Predictive Maintenance Software - What is it about?

In the software world there is the category of maintenance management programs known as CMMS. This is the acronym for computerized maintenance management software-system. In addition, two other acronyms are often used to refer to this type of software. GMAO can be used by computer-aided maintenance management. The acronym GMAC for computer-aided maintenance management is also used. Predictive maintenance software is among the so-called CMMS, but its goal is more specific. In fact, predictive maintenance can be part of the functions of so-called CMMS.

A predictive maintenance computing tool is made to predict the right moment when a component of a computer, system, or machine may fail. Thanks to this, the component can be replaced, on the basis of a plan, before it is damaged.