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TOP 10 Preventive Maintenance Software


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Preventive Maintenance Software

Before explaining what a tool under this category is about, you need to answer the question: what is preventive maintenance? In very simple terms, preventive maintenance is one that is carried out in advance with the aim of warning possible damage or deterioration.

It refers to equipment, devices, electronic instruments, vehicles, heavy machinery, among others. It is responsible for ensuring a certain level of service on the equipment.

To this end, actions are planned that serve to assess vulnerabilities in a timely manner. It is also characterized by being systematic. This means that it is done regardless of whether the equipment has no malfunction or failure in its operation.

Similarly, it almost always turns out to be a compendium of actions. Among them: adjustments, cleaning, analysis, lubrication, calibration, repair, changes of parts, among others.

Preventive maintenance software: what is it about?

In the software world there is the category of maintenance management programs known as CMMS. This is an acronym for computerized maintenance management software-system. In addition, two other acronyms are often used to refer to this type of software. GMAO can be used by computer-aided maintenance management. It is also the acronym GMAC, for computer-aided maintenance management.

Preventive maintenance software is among the so-called CMMS, but its function is more specific. In fact, preventive maintenance can be a module within a CMMS platform.

Preventive maintenance programs are made on time to help correct and find inconveniences before they can lead to major failures. It allows to put in place a list of procedures aimed at ensuring the correct operation of equipment of different types.